Symposium on Economic Development Aug 24, 2007

On September 16-18, the Walker Department hosted its Fourth Symposium on Economic Development. This year’s symposium celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the publication of Nobel Laureate Robert E. Lucas Jr.’s most cited essay, “On the Mechanics of Economic Development.” Contributors included Kevin Murphy and Nancy Stokey of Chicago, Issac Erlich of SUNY Buffalo, Boyan Jovanovic of NYU, Esteban Rossi-Hansberg of Princeton, Peter Rousseau of Vanderbilt, and Chi-Wa Yuen of the University of Hong Kong. The schedule of papers can be found here.

David Warsh, author of the acclaimed book, Knowledge and the Wealth of Nations, attended the presentations. He offers his thoughts on the symposium, and an “up-and-coming Clemson department” at his site Economic Principals, which is always worth visiting for its candid analysis of scholarly trends in economics.