Professor Thomas Hazlett's Book Release May 23, 2017

Professor Hazlett's book analyzes the evolution of the wireless spectrum from radio to smartphones. Hazlett details the evolution of the advances in communications and how regulations, even when they are well-intentioned, have slowed progress and have resulted in long delays before new technologies are authorized. Despite wireless technology’s all of the innovations, regulations and delays have led to underutilized frequency space, which has far-reaching consequences. Hazlett states that “It’s reining in entrepreneurial ventures and restricting market rivalry, which gives way to monopolies,” he says. “In the process, consumers are being punished on many fronts, not the least of which is free speech.” Hazlett advocates loosening the spectrum’s regulatory noose by auctioning off its underutilized capacities. He says that would serve the public by creating economic efficiencies and generate billions of dollars for the government.

You can obtain a copy from Yale University Press, Amazon , and Barnes and Noble.

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