New Graduate Fellowship Established in Honor of Professor Robert E. McCormick Aug 16, 2011

An anonymous alumnus has funded a new graduate fellowship for Ph.D. students in The John E. Walker Department of Economics. The fellowship will support students who are pursuing research in the field of financial economics. The fellowship honors Professor of Economics and BB&T Scholar Robert E. McCormick, in recognition of his inspiration and mentoring of numerous students throughout his career.

Our alumnus writes "The Economics Department has many great professors, but Bobby McCormick is one of a kind. He was always willing to engage in intellectual discourse with anyone willing to think, anywhere and anytime. He cared enough about economics and his students to sharply criticize our work, helping us forge it into something immeasurably better. And I'd be shocked if there is another professor in America who has cooked more meals for more students over more years in his home. He cares more about people, more about ideas, and more about Clemson than anyone else I know. It's a great privilege to initiate this fellowship in his honor."

This is one of many times that Bobby McCormick has been recognized for his exceptional teaching and dedication to students. His honors include the Prince Award for Innovation in Teaching, the Trustees Award for Faculty Excellence, the Alumni Master Teacher Award, and the National Scholars Mentor of the Year. Even in so-called retirement, Bobby remains active with the undergraduate reading group, and continues to mentor students and faculty through fellowships at PERC in Bozeman, Montana. You too can follow Bobby and make a contribution to student enrichment in his honor. Just click this link!