Economics Students Win National Competition Jun 18, 2015

A team of five Economics Majors from Clemson won the inaugural Fiscal Challenge in April. The Fiscal Challenge is a national competition where collegiate teams create and defend a plan to stabilize the Federal Budget over a twenty-five year horizon. The Clemson team bested fellow finalists from UNC Chapel Hill when presenting and defending their proposals in from of a panel of federal budget experts on Capitol Hill. Members of the Clemson team included Darby Voisin, Kaitlin Elizabeth Matheson, Rebecca Moore, Dylan Joshua Bargar and Jason Alfred Marshall.

Clemson's team put in a smart, sustained effort from January through March to develop their proposal, and were well prepared for the sharp questions from the panel. The Clemson proposal addressed the federal budget issues from on both the spending and revenue side of the ledger, and incorporated pro-growth policy and structural budget reform. For coverage of the competition and the Clemson team's victory see the Washington Post, Clemson News, UNC Arts and Sciences, and the Fiscal Challenge website.