Dennis Placone, 1948-2014 May 22, 2014

Professor of Economics Emeritus Dennis Placone passed away on Monday, May 19, 2014 at the age of 65. He was diagnosed with cancer in February of last year and had fought a brave battle against it since that time. He is survived by his wife Marti and their sons Greg and Jesse.

Dennis wrote his dissertation on determinants of the structure of the banking industry under Richard Thom at the University of Pittsburgh. He served on the faculty at Clemson since 1976, and was still teaching with us as recently as last Spring.

He had a great intuition for and sensibility about economics, both micro and macro. For many years, he taught the senior seminar on economic policy, engaging students in policy-related discussions and planning trips funded by the Harris family, to visit with policy-makers in Washington and ultimately in Brussels at the offices of the EU. Pictures from one of these trips, when our students were able to meet with Chairman Ben Bernanke at the board room of the Fed in 2008, are featured on the department's home page.

Dennis served the department’s mission in critical ways throughout his time here. He served as Director of the Center for Economic Education at Clemson, and was a board member of multiple state and national organizations whose mission was to raise the standard of instruction in college and high school classrooms. Included among these was the National Council on Economic Education, where he served as chair of the NAEE research committee, and organized several sessions at the annual meetings of the American Economic Association. Closer to home, Dennis served for many years as our lead undergraduate advisor, and as a member and chair of the department and college curriculum committees. He was a walking encyclopedia about the curriculum and its evolution at Clemson over the years, and always had a good humor about things.

Dennis was a fine teacher, mentor, friend, and colleague, and will be greatly missed.