Bruce Yandle Receives Adam Smith Award Apr 19, 2012

Alumni Distinguished Professor of Economics and Dean Emeritus Bruce Yandle was presented the Adam Smith Award by the Association of Private Enterprise Education earlier this month.

APEE Vice President Brad Hobbs shared these thoughts on the award with Skip Sauer: "The Adam Smith Award is given to recognize an individual who has made a sustained and lasting contribution to the perpetuation of the ideals of a free market economy as first laid out in Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations. Recipients of this award have acquired an international reputation as an eloquent scholar and advocate of free enterprise and the system of entrepreneurship, which underlies it...

Bruce Yandle is the perfect candidate for this award. He has a prolific professional vitae that has had a tremendous impact on the profession of economics, while also holding numerous leadership positions within the economics profession. This leadership includes serving as Vice-President, President and Board member of the Association of Private Enterprise and his influential role as a Dean at Clemson University. The support on the APEE board was strong and universal. All are honored to have known and worked with Bruce at every level. Bruce is who they were speaking of when the phrase "a scholar and a gentleman" was coined."

Bruce joins a number of distinguished economists as recipients of this award, including Nobel Laureates Elinor Ostrom, Douglas North, Vernon Smith, and James Buchanan.

A writeup from Clemson News Services is here.