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Mar, 2017

Lani Czarniecki, Deputy Assistant to the Vice President for External Affairs

Washington serves as classroom for economics students Mar 28, 2017

What better way to grasp an understanding of economic policy than to rub shoulders with those who influence it at the highest levels of government. Continue reading ›

Clemson Professor to talk on Brexit Mar 6, 2017

Professor Scott Baier will participate in a one-day conference on Brexit on March 8th at the University of Nottingham. Baier will discuss the likely trade and welfare impacts of Brexit and will participate in a panel discussion later in the day. Continue reading ›

Former Clemson graduate student, Anna Chorniy, research recognized by Contemporary Economic Policy Mar 6, 2017

Many have argued that concerns over health insurance reduce labor market mobility in the United States, causing a “job lock” effect. Continue reading ›

Herbert Hoover's Radio Malware Turns 90 By Thomas W. Hazlett Mar 1, 2017

The Radio Act of 1927 has enjoyed a nice, long life. It's past time for a retirement party. Continue reading ›