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Jun, 2015

The Color Factor

Bodenhorn book published by Oxford and NBER Jun 23, 2015

Professor Howard Bodenhorn's book, The Color Factor: The Economics of African-American Well-Being in the Nineteenth-Century South has been released by Oxford University Press. The book is in the NBER's Long-Term Factors in Economic Development series. Continue reading ›

In the News: Matt Lewis' research on hospital mergers Jun 22, 2015

Professor Matthew Lewis' research on hospital mergers was cited in Saturday's WSJ ediotrial, "Obamacare's Oligopoly Wave." Continue reading ›

Hazlett in The Hill: Speed kills, but spectrum bureaucracy failed to apply the brakes Jun 18, 2015

"The recent Amtrak tragedy was preventable. Spectrum policy is being blamed by some. They are right: but not for the reasons commonly given. " Continue reading ›

Economics Students Win National Competition Jun 18, 2015

A team of five Economics Majors from Clemson won the inaugural Fiscal Challenge competition in April. Continue reading ›