Graduate Program

Overview of the Graduate Program in Economics

Coordinator: Curtis Simon, 239 Sirrine Hall, 864-656-3966, (cjsmn @

Graduate Student Handbook: (pdf)

John C. Calhoun's Fort HillMilton Friedman once described the “Chicago School” of economics as rejecting both theory without evidence and evidence without theory. This is equally true of economics at Clemson. The goal of our graduate program is to help students become adept at using economic theory in order to formulate and test hypotheses about any aspect of social interaction. The wide range of topics investigated by Clemson students testifies to our success in reaching this goal. In recent dissertations, our students have studied the political determinants of the geographical distribution of Canadian federal government spending, the pattern of state spending on African-Americans’ education in South Carolina in the first half of the twentieth century, the relation between education and economic growth in the states of the U.S., the proper pricing of stock options, and the extent to which participants in chess tournaments choose optimal opening and end-game strategies.

Sirrine Hall (Home of the Clemson University Department of Economics)The links on the sidebar to the left provide information on course sequences, fields, and the philosophy and requirements that define our graduate program. The department offers a Ph.D. in Economics and a Master’s degree.

The Online Application to the graduate program can be found on the Graduate School Homepage. Additionally, you can send an Express Inquiry to the Graduate School.