Emeritus Faculty

Photo of Daniel Benjamin

Daniel Benjamin

Professor Emeritus

  • Ph. D: UCLA
  • Fields of Interest: Political economy, international economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, labor economics, economic history
  • Topics of Research:
Photo of Michael T. Maloney

Michael T. Maloney

Professor Emeritus

  • Ph. D: Louisiana State University
  • Fields of Interest: Applied Price Theory; Financial Economics; Industrial Organization
  • Topics of Research: Price Discovery in Asset Markets; Pharmaceutical Innovation; Economics and Religious Schism
Photo of Robert McCormick

Robert McCormick

Professor Emeritus

  • Ph. D: Texas A & M University
  • Fields of Interest: Economics, sports economics, utility deregulation, antitrust economics, global warming, telecommunications
  • Topics of Research: applied microeconomics, financial economics, public choice, and the economics of sports
Photo of William A. Ward

William A. Ward

Professor Emeritus

  • Ph. D: Michigan State University
  • Fields of Interest: Economic Development, Energy Economics, Environmental Economics
  • Topics of Research: Cost-benefit analysis applications to energy efficiency and low-carbon growth investment planning
Photo of John Warner

John Warner

Professor Emeritus

  • Ph. D:
  • Fields of Interest:
  • Topics of Research: