Upcoming Seminar Events

Speaker Topic Type Time/Place Attch
Daniel Jones
University of South Carolina
Minority Representation in Local Government and Distributional Outcomes Seminar Fri. Sep 22, 3:30 pm
302 Sirrine
Crystal Yang
Harvard Law School
Racial Bias in Bail Decisions Seminar Fri. Sep 29, 3:30 pm
302 Sirrine
Antoine Gervais
University of Notre Dame
Uncertainty, Risk Aversion and International Trade Seminar Fri. Oct 06, 3:30 pm
302 Sirrine
Michael Best
Columbia University
TBA Seminar Fri. Oct 13, 3:30 pm
302 Sirrine
Sara Lowes
Bocconi University
Matrilineal Kinship and Spousal Cooperation: Evidence from the Matrilineal Belt Seminar Fri. Oct 20, 3:30 pm
302 Sirrine
Tyler Cowen
George Mason University
"The Complacent Class" Seminar Fri. Oct 27, 3:30 pm
302 Sirrine
Bart Wilson
Chapman University
The Meaning of Property in Things Seminar Fri. Nov 03, 3:30 pm
302 Sirrine
Shanjun Li
Air Pollution, Health Spending, and Willingness to Pay for Clean Air in China Seminar Fri. Nov 10, 3:30 pm
302 Sirrine
Eric Helland
Claremont McKenna
TBA Seminar Fri. Nov 17, 3:30 pm
302 Sirrine
Sue Dynarski
University of Michigan
TBA Seminar Fri. Dec 08, 3:30 pm
302 Sirrine