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IEP Where Law and Economics Meet Telecommunications Policy - John Bloom Book Talk "Eccentric Orbits The Iridium Story"

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Wednesday Sep, 13th 2017 05:00 pm Clemson College of Business, 1 North Main St., Greenville, SC
John Bloom’s award-winning ECCENTRIC ORBITS chronicles the rise and fall of Motorola’s satellite phone venture, Iridium, and then its improbable resurrection. The network, using science developed in Ronald Reagan’s “star wars” missile defense system, blew through $6.5 billion in just nine months after its 1998 launch, then the largest corporate bankruptcy in U.S. history. This collapse masked a marvel: Iridium created the only communications system providing phone service to every inch of the earth. Today – saved from destruction in an amazing story of pluck and imagination -- it serves the U.S. military, airliners, ships at sea, and provides vital links during natural disasters. This fascinating tale of technology and entrepreneurship is compellingly told by one of America’s most skilled writers.

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