Amy Finkelstein

Harris Lecture 2017 - The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment: What Did It Find and What Does that Mean?

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Friday Mar, 31st 2017 10:00 am 382 Sirrine
What is the impact of expanding public health insurance coverage to uninsured low-income adults? The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment presents a rare opportunity to investigate this important economic and policy question using a randomized evaluation; in 2008 the state of Oregon conducted a lottery in which some low income adults were randomly assigned the ability to apply for Medicaid. The talk will describe the results, including how Medicaid affects recipients' health, healthcare use, and financial security. It will then discuss the interpretation of the results, including estimates of the value of Medicaid to recipients, and of transfers to other parties (such as hospitals) who were previously providing substantial implicit insurance for the low-income uninsured.