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Lani Czarniecki, Deputy Assistant to the Vice President for External Affairs

Washington serves as classroom for economics students Mar 28, 2017

What better way to grasp an understanding of economic policy than to rub shoulders with those who influence it at the highest levels of government. Continue reading ›

Celebrating the Life of Robert D.Tollison (1942-2016) Oct 24, 2016

It is with a deep sadness that we announce the passing of Robert D. Tollison. Continue reading ›


The FCC unveiled its National Broadband Plan in 2010—but couldn't stick to it - Thomas Hazlett in The Wall Street Journal Oct 2, 2017

The Federal Communications Commission received a homework assignment in 2009—and an extra $13 million for school supplies. Congress ordered the agency to write a "National Broadband Plan" to stimulate the economy. More ›

Spinning TV Broadcast Channels into Mobile Gold: Thomas Hazlett in "The Hill" Sep 29, 2017

"The Hill" -- Thomas Hazlett, Spinning TV Broadcast Channels into Mobile Gold More ›

How Much-Criticized Occupational Licenses May Reduce Pay Inequality - Prof. Peter Blair w/ PhD Candidate Bobby Chung - The Wall Street Journal Aug 14, 2017

New research shows occupational licensing conveys information to employers about skills and criminal records. More ›