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Lani Czarniecki, Deputy Assistant to the Vice President for External Affairs

Washington serves as classroom for economics students Mar 28, 2017

What better way to grasp an understanding of economic policy than to rub shoulders with those who influence it at the highest levels of government. Continue reading ›

Celebrating the Life of Robert D.Tollison (1942-2016) Oct 24, 2016

It is with a deep sadness that we announce the passing of Robert D. Tollison. Continue reading ›


Unlocking the Airwaves - WALL STREET JOURNAL Review of 'The Political Spectrum' (7/17/2017) Jul 17, 2017

In regulating radio, the FCC enacted rules nominally in the public interest, but which actually enriched specific interest groups. Gregory L. Rosston reviews ‘The Political Spectrum’ by Thomas Winslow Hazlett. (7/17/2017) More ›

Thomas Hazlett's article in Barron's (July 8) Jul 10, 2017

Thomas Hazlett's article in Barron's (July 8) describes the success and failure of the FCC's brave experiment in spectrum allocation, the "Incentive Auction." More ›

Thomas Hazlett in RealClearMarkets (June 29, 2017) Jul 5, 2017

Ten years ago Apple's iPhone violated "network neutrality." Today it is the consumer product of the century. More ›